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Società Agricola

Società Agricola


Why returnable emptiness?

Working in contact with nature requires great respect for the environment and for nature itself.

You learn that the earth will be fertile and will bear good and abundant fruit only if you are able to follow and welcome its natural life cycles.

You learn that in nature nothing goes to waste and that there is no concept of waste: everything is nourishment for something else.

Hence the idea of giving a new life to our glass bottles by applying the well-known principle of the circular economy where reuse is preferable to recycling.


Environment, ecology, innovation


In 2012, therefore, we decided to create a work chain for the management of the returnable vacuum of our wine bottles, exactly as is done with water.

It was not easy to find machinery and equipment for managing empty spaces and we had to go abroad, where instead the practice has already been used for years for beer as well as for water.

Luckily our customers have appreciated the initiative and many have understood the economic and environmental advantage we produce.

Over the years, numerous studies have confirmed that the reuse and sanitization of glass do not alter its characteristics at all and that reuse also allows for a significant reduction in CO2 emissions compared to recycling.

The label is made of water and high temperature resistant PVC.

Our Packaging is therefore completely recycled.



It's very simple:

You can come directly to the company or request home delivery that we personally carry out in the Florence, Arezzo and Valdarno area without additional transport costs.

When you have finished the product, keep the empty bottles aside. Once you place the new order, we will return the new full bottles and collect the empties.
Drink responsibly and reduce your impact.


The quality of the products that our company offers to its customers naturally remains our priority and the management of the returnable deposit can only be an added value.

Only two types of product can be managed with returnable vacuum:

- Le Vignacce BIO (from Sangiovese grapes)

- Toscana Bianco (Trebbiano, long White Malvasia and Chardonnay)

What are you waiting for? Come and visit us or now your favorite wine directly to your home!